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The Word Book  Item # TWB 01

The Word Book Item # TWB 01

The Word Book, (The Cognitive Press/ Attainment,) 
by Elizabeth Wiig, Evelyn Freedman and Linda Schreiber.

The intent, background and academic relevance of the original edition The Word Book (ProED 1993) with Elizabeth Wiig, started several years ago and led to a CEC Jean Kershaw award for an original publication.

The intent of this work is two fold.

1. Firstly to identify the concepts and associated semantic categories or vocabulary, linked to prior knowledge that intermediate students should have developed by the time they reach high school, ensuring that all students have an equitable chance to understand what is discussed in class as well as to be able to read texts that use these concepts and vocabulary and so to make progress.

2. The second is to develop and use a methodology that teachers in regular classrooms could use. This methodology is allied to what Speech an Language pathologist use to enhance language reception and expression and is easily incorporated into regular teaching strategies and is of benefit to all students, not only those who are exceptional

The results of initial pre and post testing were impressive with students making gains in many areas, including literacy and oral language of up to the equivalent of three years growth in a 6 month tone year period. The most significant effect was that students attended school regularly and stated that they were learning things they had never understood.

All of this, the book, and methodology has been presented at workshops and conferences across Canada, the US and internationally.
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