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Evelyn Freedman 

Well know educator, author and founder of Exceptional Resources


Michael Freedman 

Educator, second in command

About Us

Exceptional Resources was started about 25 years ago.  The intent was to import excellent educational materials from the US and to be able to pay for them in Canadian Dollars.

Initially we imported items from The Master Teacher.  The book 'You Can Handle Them All' assisted me in my own teaching and is still available from them . 

They have a large number of items including outstanding educational materials as well as a wide range of gift items.  We stopped importing these items from The Master Teacher because it became impossible to keep up with the range of items they have as well as increased costs of shipping and the exchange rate of US dollars to Canadian dollars.

We have continued to import books from Hawthorne Educational Services. 
Steve McCarney  originally developed the materials using a format that makes the books easy to use.  The Pre Referral Intervention Manual (PRIM) remains the book that is most often ordered and it is now followed by the Behaviour Intervention Manual.  (Both on the front page of this website)

All of their books are really outstanding resources. I am always available to discuss any of these items with you if you would send an email to or to call 416-665-2754

While the official trade name is now Evelyn Freedman DBA Evelyn Freedman Publications but we still trade under the name of Exceptional Resources. 

Many school boards have still got us registered as Evelyn Freedman Publications Inc. and have banking information under all of the above.

We selected the name of Exceptional Resources as that reflects exactly what the items that we sell are and also because it is run by myself E as in Evelyn and R as in Rodney Freedman

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