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Pre Referral Intervention Manual PRIM

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Fourth Edition  $130.00

The Most Common Learning and Behaviuor Problems Encountered in the Educational Environment

by Stephen B. McCarney & Kathy Cummins Wunderlich
Edited by Samm N. House
© 2014

ISBN: 978-0-578-99278-5

687 Pages/Paperback

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00672 Intervention Strategies Documentation Form (25) $75

00687Learning and Behavior Problem Checklist (25) $70.00

  • The Pre-Referral Intervention Manual-Fourth Edition has strategies for each identified problem. The strategies are simple, straightforward, and easily implemented by regular classroom teachers.

  • The PRIM-4 was developed by regular and special education teachers.


  • The PRIM-4 answers the mandate for pre-referral intervention in regular education classrooms.

  • The PRIM-4 improves the teacher’s ability to individualize instruction for students in the classroom.

  • The PRIM-4 is one of the most comprehensive learning and behavior intervention manuals available.

  • The PRIM-4 contains over 4,000 intervention strategies for the 250 most common learning and behavior problems. The intervention strategies are easily implemented in classrooms by regular education teachers.

  • The PRIM-4 now includes a Social Skills section which provides interventions to help students master specific social skills.


  • The PRIM-4 includes an appendix of forms for the implementation of the behavioral interventions.


  • User-friendly format has color-coded sections.


The Intervention Strategies Documentation Form provides a written record to place in the student’s file to document problem areas and interventions implemented. It is used with all pre-referral checklists in this catalog.

The Learning and Behavior Problem Checklist provides a format for identifying behaviors in need of intervention.

The PRIM-4 is also marketed nationally under the title Teacher's Resource Guide-Fourth Edition (TRG-4) with current use in public and private schools, colleges, and universities.

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