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Learning Intervention Manual LIM  2nd Edition 02720

Learning Intervention Manual LIM 2nd Edition 02720


Over 176 behaviors with specific goals grouped by categories.

  • Designed to respond to the most typical learning problems exhibited by students in educational settings.
  • Suggested interventions relate to the learning problem and not to classification labels.
  • Easy to implement in the regular classroom

The interventions selected reflect positive teacher behaviour, contribute to a positive classroom atmosphere, and have been proven to contribute to student success by all persons intent on helping students. Interventions included are either appropriate accommodations or ways to "teach" the student ways to deal with his/her behaviour.

02720 Learning Intervention manual- $130.00 Canadian
02710 Learning Checklists (25) $75.00 Canadian
00672 Intervention Strategies Documentation Forms (25) $50.00 Canadian


combined LIM and BIM less 12 % (260.00 less 12 % = 228.80...$11440 each)

Computer Programs
All computer Programs must be used with the companion manuals and rating forms.

Note The price does not include shipping which depends on your address and tax (5%) will also be added when the item is shipped to you.

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