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Adaptive Behaviour  Intervention Manual Age 4-12  01830

Adaptive Behaviour Intervention Manual Age 4-12 01830


by Stephen B. McCarney, Ed.D.  & Samm N.House
The Adaptive Behavior Evaluation Scale-Revised Third Edition (ABES-3) 4-12 provides a measure of those adaptive behaviors which are necessary for success in both an educational and home setting and are not measured by academic skills testing. The ABES-3 meets the need for an adaptive behavior rating scale which relies on direct behavioral observations by educators and parents/guardians in educational and residential settings. The ABES-3 is used as a measure of adaptive skills in the identification of mentally retarded, behaviorally disordered, learning disabled; and visually, hearing, or physically impaired students. The ABES-3 assesses 10 areas of adaptive skills grouped under the three adaptive behavior domains defined in the 10th AAMR Definition of Mental Retardation (AAMR, 2002): Conceptual, Social, and Practical Skills.

The technical manuals include data on internal consistency, test-retest, and inter-rater reliability; item and factor analysis; and content, criterion-related, diagnostic, and construct validity

01810 ABES-3: 4-12 School Version Technical Manual $65.00
01811 ABES-3: 4-12 School Version Rating Forms (25) $75.00
01820 ABES-3:: 4-12 Home Version Technical Manual $65.00
01821 ABES-3: 4-12 Home Version Rating Forms (25) $75.00
01830 Adaptive Behavior Intervention Manual: 4-12 Years $75.00
(Includes: Appendix CD with PDF file) 


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