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Study Skills for students 01720

Study Skills for students 01720

Study Skills and Instructional Intervention
Strategies for Elementary and Secondary Students

by Stephen B. McCarney, Ed.D. &
Janet K. Tucci, M.Ed.
Copyright © 1991

Item #01720

Study Skills for Students in Our Schools (206 pages, © 1991) was designed to provide study skills mastery for students in elementary and secondary grade levels. This guide provides today’s teachers with comprehensive interventions and study skills strategies to help any student improve performance and learning.

The Study Skills section contains specific activities designed to provide the student with skills that will help him/her be successful in Note Taking, Studying for Tests, Test Taking, Outlining, Mapping, Following Directions, and many other areas.

The Intervention Strategies section allows the teacher to choose specific interventions that will facilitate any student’s success for instructional and learning purposes in the areas of Academic Performance, Academic Behavior, Math, Language Arts, and Reading Skills.

For the at-risk and special-needs student, this guide is a must for academic survival. For the students who do not have learning problems, this guide is the answer to the most practical skills necessary to process the vast amount of information that our students must contend with today and to develop the skills necessary for the demands of college or other training opportunities.

Teachers, parents, and students will welcome this guide to improve educational performance. It is an excellent addition to a study skills training program or to any teacher’s classroom where student success is the highest priority.

Study Skills for Students in Our Schools (Includes: Appendix CD with PDF file)

(Reproducibles which are included in this guide can be used to implement strategies or monitor success.

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