Teacher's Resource Guide 4th Edition (TRG-4) 02125

Teacher's Resource Guide 4th Edition (TRG-4) 02125


The Teacher Resource Guide (TRG-4) Staff Development Guide to the Most Common Learning and Behavior Problems Encountered in the Educational Environment
687 Pages New format has color-coded sections and is more user-friendly!
The TRG-4 is also marketed nationally under the title Pre-Referral Intervention Manual-Fourth Edition (PRIM-4) with current use in public and private schools, colleges, and universities. by Stephen B. McCarney, Ed.D. & Kathy Cummins Wunderlich, M.Ed. edited by Samm N. House Copyright © 2014
Characteristics and Components of the Teacher's Resource Guide
* The Teacher's Resource Guide answers the mandate for pre-referral intervention in regular education classrooms.
* The Teacher's Resource Guide contains over 4,000 intervention strategies for the 250 most common learning and behavior problems. The intervention strategies are easily implemented in classrooms by regular education teachers.
*The Teacher's Resource Guide now includes a Social Skills section which provides interventions to help students master specific social skills.
* The Teacher's Resource Guide includes an appendix of forms for the implementation of the behavioral interventions. A CD with an Appendix PDF file is also included.
* The Teacher's Resource Guide improves the teacher’s ability to individualize instruction for students in the classroom.
*The Teacher's Resource Guide was developed by regular and special education teachers.

* The Learning and Behavior Problem Checklist provides a means of calling attention to learning and behavior problems for the purpose of early intervention before formal assessment of a student. $70.00 (25 forms per package)

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    In a time when teachers are challenged by their students in ways they have never been before and efforts are increasing to implement interventions prior to formal assessment, the Teacher’s Resource Guide-Fourth Edition (687 pages, © 2014) is a must for all teachers. This manual was developed by educators for educators and is being used by school districts nationwide. A CD with the reproducible Appendix pages in PDF format is also included.